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Top Network Marketing Companies

Whether you are looking to jump in and get started with an MLM business, or if you are just ready to make a change, you probably are wondering what the top network marketing companies are. Below is a list of those that that stand out from the never-ending pool of opportunities.

• Amway – When a network marketing company manages to stay in business for 53 years and is still going strong, you know there’s something pretty special about them. Amway has their hands in a little of everything, including nutrition, vitamins, skincare, makeup, hair care, body care, oral care, cleaning products, cookware and purifiers.

Melaleuca – With the population learning more and more every day about the importance of protecting the environment and ground water sources, the concentrated products Melaleuca caries becomes even more attractive. They are a cleaner, greener company that helps people get out of debt, obtain financial freedom, build a secure retirement and become entrepreneurs.

• Nu Skin – 28 years and still going strong, Nu Skin products and businesses are around the world. They carry anti-aging, spa, face and body care, nutrients and a long list of other products for the health conscious mind.

• USANA – Nutritionals you can trust in their motto. They have even joined forces with the very popular Dr. Oz, making their products very desirable right now. After all, everyone listens to Dr. Oz. They have an abundance of items designed to make you healthy through scientific innovation.

Isagenix – Who hasn’t heard of this MLM business? In the past decade, most have tried at least one of their countless products. From skin care to nutrition to internal cleansing, they make products to make you look and feel your best.

• Forever Living – Healthy drinks, nutrition, weight management, skin care and personal care are just a few of the many items landing them on the list of top network marketing companies.

• Herbalife – This is one company that literally made network marketing what it is today. This is a company that shows the good and evil of the business. A lot of people got rich off these herbal supplements. Unfortunately, their pyramid scheme landed them in some hot water. Still, it’s hard not to respect a company that was a household name for a while.

ACN – While everyone else is competing with health and hygiene products, ACN dominates the market selling energy, digital phone service, technical support, home security, television, wireless services, high speed internet and long distance service. Although it is pretty tricky to understand their payment plan, if you have a technical background, you could potentially make a very nice income in the right location with this network marketing business.

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