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How to Increase Traffic to Your Site in a Home Based Business

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One of the most important parts of a home based business in the Internet age is to have your own website. But once you have your website, you should be trying to increase traffic to it, because ultimately, the more traffic you have, the more people will choose your services and increase your bottom line. But there’s a difference between quality traffic and quantity traffic and the following ideas will help you sort out that difference and help you benefit your home based business the most.

Start a blog

The single most effective strategy you can use to increase traffic to your online business on a daily basis is to start a blog. Ideally, you want to be blogging about something you are an expert and a professional in, so when people read your informative (or sometimes even entertaining) text, they will be convinced that you are qualified to deliver the services you are delivering. Starting a blog in your niche and regularly updating it (at least 2-3 times a week) is one of the best ways to drum up interest in your product.

Marketing your blog  

Once you’ve started your blog, the next step is to market it effectively. You can employ a variety of strategies to get the readership you want, but ideally you should do as much of it as you can yourself at the beginning. When you create your blog entries, then make social links on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest that you can share extremely easily with others. A lot of people also use some sort of an app that posts to a variety of platforms at the same time. There are apps, for instance, that will post a snipped of your text to a Faceb
ook or a Linkedin comment. You can also upload your blog post not just to your own blog but onto your Facebook notes. Furthermore, you can take the description of the webpage and submit it to Twitter, Reddit or Digg. Automate it as much as possible with an app to save time and people will share your content by themselves.

Creating quality not quantity

Another very important aspect of any blog is to create as high quality products as possible. By starting in your own niche, you will automatically have an advantage. But even if you have no writing skills, then don’t shy away from blogging. You may need to hire a few writers to deliver your content, but this is still a lot better than not having content at all.

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  1. Brian Fairo says:

    All of these are great strategies and I couldn’t agree more about blogging! Effectively blogging about what works for you and what doesn’t in your home business has always been a key factor in my business! Feel free to check out our blog and see what a massive group of entrepreneurs working together as one can do!

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