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EPX Body – Does it Really Deliver?


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Thanks to Dr. Oz, EPX Body is one of the hottest MLM opportunities available right now. A significant percentage of the population is always on the lookout for a product that helps you lose weight and feel good without causing a shaky feeling or heart palpitations. EPXBody is part of the latest African Mango frenzy. To be fair though, African Mango is an ingredient that offers a long list of benefits.

Who Are They?

EPX Body was founded by a successful entrepreneur named Dan Putnam. His goal was to help others gain control over their weight and health while also assisting hard workers in making an impressive salary. EPXBody offers three products, including:

• EPX Body Burn – This is a supplement that speeds weight loss, suppresses appetite, increases energy, shrinks belly fat, burns fat and increases overall health.

• EPX Body Cardio – Designed to prevent heart disease and improve cardiovascular health, EPXBody made with L-arginine supplies your body with vital amino acids to trigger cellular production.

• EPX Body Restore – Adaptogens are special plants that feature unique properties to increase mental and physical capacity, improve resistance to disease, reduce fatigue and extend lifespan. All these beneficial herbs are rolled into this product.

EPX Amazing Offer!

Earn $1,000 a Month or Your Money Back, is what EPXBody has to offer. We have never heard of another company use the same offer to back up their opportunity or compensation plan.

There are 6 ways to get paid with EPX Body:

  1. Fast Start Bonus – Earn a 50% cash bonus each time you refer a new customer/distributor with a $40 purchase.
  2. Guaranteed Minimum Check – Get your product FREE when you refer 4 people to EPXBody.
  3. Guaranteed Income! Sponsor 5 people with your first 30 days, maintain at least 2 active for 6 months and EPX will guarantee you will be earning at least $1000 a month or they will refund your money.
  4. Monthly Commission – Earn commission on all purchases made in your entire group whether they are made by someone you personally signed up or by anybody else in your matrix.
  5. Matching Bonus – Earn a 25% check match on everyone you personally sponsor and earn a 12% check match on 4 generations of Executives.
  6. Rank Advancement Bonus – Cash bonuses

Is There Potential?

Absolutely!  Like any network marketing company/opportunity you are the determination and drive that will determine if you succeed or fail.  EPX offers some great tools to help you get started and all of them for free!

Everyone that joins the business opportunity will be given the follow sites:

(Here is one of our team leader’s pages for example)

most network marketing companies will charge you for such systems (the system offers a autoresponder and lead capture page as well, all for FREE)

So for less than $40 dollars a month you could have a complete business (product, tracking system, marketing system, and free weekly training).  I dare you to find another business opportunity that offers the same!

EPX Compensation Plan

EPX Compensation Plan Comparison



19 Responses to " EPX Body – Does it Really Deliver? "

  1. Kevin Mallory says:

    I understand there are postcards that help market EPX body. How much are the postcards?

    • admin says:


      I just sent you an email. Please let me know if you don’t receive it. And sorry for the lateness, for some reason your comment got lost in our system. Short Answer: Yes, there are EPX Postcards available with and without leads. Pretty sweet system!


  2. Ronald Saunders says:

    I would like more information on the postcards.

  3. Tanisha Ajokatcher says:

    sounds good how has this been working for you?

    • admin says:

      EPX is amazing, we challenge anyone to compare compensation plans with EPX. We could have built our organization with any company but EPX is by far the best business opportunity out there.

  4. WOW how long has EXPbody been around – anyone involved in Oz yet? I’m ready & willing to get involved – what’s the deal?

  5. Roberto says:

    What I like about EPX – Just buy the product $39.95 and you are in. No Kits to buy. Three free web site to promote program. Opt in to enter the $1,000 or $10,000 contest. Sponsor 5 people in 30 days of which 2 people must be active the 6 months to Guarantee $1,000 income in 6 months or all of your money back. Earn a 25% matching bonus on all personally sponsored people – Then 12% matching bonus up to 4 generations deep. With 2 customers product covers $39.95. With 4 distributors product covers $39.95. Earn 50% Fast Star Bonus every time you sign someone up. Rank advancement bonus from $100 up to %50,000 based on cumulative volume

  6. Gabriella says:

    Sounds good. Can you please send me some more information.


  7. harold says:

    do you have office here in the philippines – davao city or anyu plan to come to my country

  8. raj says:

    Please send me all details and how to get the there any stores in India?refer me any leader in india?

  9. Ray says:

    I am very interested in the product and the opp.
    My aggravation so far is I haven’t been able to find anyone pictures of people that are taking the challenge before and after stats and photos.
    The numbers from the opp look great but I refuse to sell a product I don’t not believe in and can’t back up with testimonial.
    So here are some questions.
    1. Any public not member area picture and testimonials available ?
    2. Can I order product with out signing up to be a affiliate ?
    2B. The reason I ask is I want to use the product for at least a month before I promote it so I can be my own testimonial then sign up for the business opp and get the 30 fast track bonus going.
    3. Just to be sure I will only have to buy 1 product a month to get 40CV to qualify each month. Since the products are only 39.95.
    4. Do someone have to be on auto ship to qualify ? as i know several people that don’t have credit cards that have already shown interest in the product and opp.
    5. how may people in your group and active is your group for spill over potential?

    • admin says:

      Hello Ray,

      Sorry for the latness in reply, we have been traveling. To answer your questions:

      1. I believe facebook has some testimonals/pages, let me get back to you on some specific pages.
      2. Yes, you can order just the products without signing up as a distributor to try:
      2b. That makes perfect sense, of course you can sign up as a distributor and cancel anytime.
      3. Yes, that is correct, one product a month is all you need to purchase.
      4. You do need a credit card, what some people do is purchase the reloadable mastercard/visa cards at walmart
      5. We have a good active group, message me at for more info.

  10. kriz says:

    hi! i am from the Philippines and I have a question about the EPX Body Challenge. Can each member participate in the challenge anytime or as soon as they register?

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