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Ambit Energy Scam Alert!

Ambit Energy Company


Ambit Energy is not the scam that everyone is saying it is, but it sure is easy to understand why people are pointing that negative finger in the company’s direction. If you are looking to get involved in a network marketing adventure, surely there is something a little less risky, and a lot less work to try. Sure, a few people probably do well with this, like maybe a mayor of a city who has the power to persuade residents to switch. This doesn’t look like the adventure that the average person should take, unless they like going from house-to-house and having doors slammed in their face.

What is Ambit Energy?

As the name implies, you would basically be convincing people to say good bye to their electric and gas company, in order to sign up with them. Even individuals who complain everyday about high rates and their horrific bills, will rarely feel comfortable abandoning an established company they are familiar with, no matter how sweet the deal looks.

Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson Jr. founded this company in 2006. If this was a cosmetic company or a car dealership, maybe six years in the business would see established. You are asking people to put their trust in a new company for something that affects their life in a monumental way. Even the greatest salesperson will struggle with that.

How it Works

How does this network marketing platform work? That’s a very good question and not one that you will find the answer to unless you are willing to supply all of your information for someone to contact you. Do you know what his means? You are being recruited! They will not give you an overview on how the program works or the pay structure because they want someone to have the opportunity to sell you on it and profit off your sales. Sure, you can always expect someone to profit off you, but not supplying any information on their site looks like they are trying to hide something.

Is There Potential?

There is always potential when you are talking about energy sources. This isn’t like health products that saturate the market; this is a product with minimal competition. That being said, the competition that you would be dealing with are those that families have trusted for many generations.

If you are a very influential person in an area or you are confident, you could sell it, then you probably could do quite well. The problem is, what happens when everyone in your area is converted? Who are you going to sign up? Are you prepared to move to another city or state with more potential? What if there is already a representative in your new location?

If you are looking for a long-term residual income that you can build on as time goes on, this is not it. This is one that will eventually lose its potential for growth.

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